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Designed & Ready Book Covers Portfolio

Group II. Red Fish
Group II. Red Fish

Welcome to my Designed & Ready book covers page — a service for anyone who needs a book cover or promotional image. Designed and ready, I supply the front cover image for your e-book (or whatever purpose you have for the image). The final product includes your name and the title of the book, story, promotion, etc. I also include a second version of the image without text, so that you can use it in other ways.

There are a several general categories to help you find suitable images. You’ll see designs in multiple categories, because I’ve made the images flexible to fit various stories. New images are added frequently.

The pricing key is simple. Prices are based on the amount of time I spent on the image. There are two price groups, “I” and “II.” Group I covers are $55 USD and Group II are $30 USD.

These designs are one of a kind. I will not sell the exact design more than once. Although I do not have exclusive rights to the images used in these composite designs. Contact me for purchase information by leaving a comment here, or via email at my Yahoo address, or through a Facebook message.


Apocalypse, Horror, Speculative Fiction

Lighthearted Covers

Pets Welcome

Memoir and Poetry

Mystery, Crime, Suspense, & Thriller


Doorways to Imagination


Young Adult

Holiday & Festival Themes

Bygone Days, Historic Fiction

Updated May 17, 2021

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