Manuscripts Lost

paper in windA couple of years after I moved here, in utter frustration with my lack of storage space (and a number of other “lacks”) I told myself that if the things in boxes had not been needed for two years, I could do without them.  I further insisted to myself that I’d be more likely to “do something” about the pathetic no-storage situation if I didn’t even look in the boxes.  I had heard or read that advice somewhere.  So I threw out a few dusty boxes without even looking.

As I said, I was very frustrated.  You know what’s coming don’t you?  In one of those boxes were the computer discs for three count ‘em three nearly finished manuscripts.  The computers on which they were written were long gone.  I found partial hardcopies; extremely incomplete.

This page is meant to contain blogs, blurbs, and teasers from such “lost” manuscripts and other partially forgotten, or partially written stories.  It might also have other similar thoughts that swirl in in my mind. The trouble is — I cant’ find the time to retype and post them…

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Copyright 2012 – 2013 Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene.  All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “Manuscripts Lost

  1. Time can often be the enemy of a creative soul and the difficult choice we make to have some sort of workable balance. Having lived in Holland, Bermuda, USA and the UK storage boxes can be a double-edged sword; whether to keep for later or streamline and regret their loss later. I’m not sure I know the answer but I understand the conundrum.

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    • Welcome Kevin! I’m not sure I can imagine that many relocations — of that magnitude. I’ve moved across the USA twice now, and desperately want one more relocation… but each time is more difficult. Each time a few things seem to disappear with the movers. (Eye roll). But I only have myself to blame about the lost manuscripts. It was a moment of pure frustration with my lack of storage space. After many months, I took bad advice and threw away boxes I had not used that entire time… not knowing the only discs or print copies of the nearly finished novels were in the boxes.
      I’ve grown as a writer since then. Maybe I would laugh at my poor attempts if I could read them now. But I still wish I could. 🙂 Hugs!


  2. Debra, i’m sorry that you know the feeling. Originally i had thought to post some of the remaining bits of the lost manuscripts on this page, but there just isn’t time. So then i think i should take down this page — and someone comes along who relates to it. And i leave it up.
    The stories are still in us, even the lost ones. I think they feed and fertilize the new ones that grow and sprout more richly because of them. Huge hugs!


  3. Teagan, I’ve lost important work, too — it’s so awful, and makes me so mad at technology, that I can’t “get it back.”


  4. It’s good to know that someone understands, Daniel. I know a lot of writers feel the same way. I mostly feel foolish…
    I like your take on “starting fresh.” I’ve told myself that those were early efforts, and I’ve since built better skill and craftsmanship… and that maybe one day I can re-work those novels using the partial, scraps of print that are left as a springboard.


  5. Being the kind of person that still has his kindergarten graduation certificate from 1960 and three suitcases of pictures along with 40 years of National Geographics among all the other documented moments of a life I can’t let go of, I think I would have to take time out for a nervous breakdown if I were in your shoes. Then there is that forced need to start fresh that might reveal a masterpiece has resided in you somewhere hidden by the weight of all the work stored on top of it. 🙂


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