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Hope hand mirror2What are the little things that inspire you?  When the average day is done, it turns out to be the simple things, the little details are what kept us going.

While my intention was to use this blog for fiction, I realized that a little inspiration and motivation couldn’t hurt.  So I’m including this page and wishing you days filled with positivity.

Scroll down to Categories on the right, and then click “Motivational” for a bit of a lift.  Hugs!

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23 thoughts on “Inspiration & Motivation

    • Why thank you Christy. Seeing your comment on this page prompted me to edit it, so people would know where to click for the handful of motivational posts I have here. Thanks so much for commenting. Happy Earth Day! Hugs. 😀


  1. I am largely writing non-fiction and comments from my kids often trigger ideas or at least a post on my blog. I broke my foot recently and am wearing a “boot” on my foot. My 8 year old daughter wrapped my foot up in red tinsel and hung decorations off it and I stuck a Santa hat on top. Here’s the photo:
    She also told me that I was off to the “Bootique”.
    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way,
    xx Rowena


    • LOL, sounds like she helped you keep your sense of humor. I had a similar injury this summer, and i know it’s miserable. Actually they said mine would have healed a lot faster if it had actually been broken… But i finally got there. I still don’t recommend body-surfing down a flight of brick stairs though. 😀
      Here’s wishing you get everything you want in 2015. Hugs.

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  2. Very true, as I like to say enjoy those small details since when they are gone or if one day they are gone you´ll realise how important they truly where. Plus if you look a little hard you might find future opportunities in what in the moment you can perceive as small details.


  3. Hi Evelyne — and thanks for visiting. That’s a very well-rounded range of inspirations. Interesting that you mention the “unexpected talks with strangers.” I’ve had a couple of encounters where someone I met only briefly inspired a character — in a sort of “truth is stranger than fiction” sort of way! 🙂

    I enjoyed your reading of your “Welcome Home” story. How lovely to put a voice with a photo!



  4. Definitely the world around me, nature and city alike, conversations with friends and unexpected talks with strangers, the news and of course lots of reading. Everything blends and ultimately triggers ideas for stories.


  5. Exactly. Back when I first decided to put serious effort into writing fiction, I went back and re-read every book I owned with an eye toward “How did they do that?”

    The trouble with that is stories can be so good that it’s hard not to get caught up in the tale and forget to learn from the writing style. Ha!


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