About Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene and I write fantasy fiction.  This blog is mostly limited to writing and related topics.  It began as part of my “grand experiment” in indie publishing. 

Though I wasn’t born there, I was enchanted by the desert southwest of the USA when I moved there.  Now a resident of a major east coast city, I long to return to those enchanting lands. 

When did I start serious writing?  I had always devoured fantasy novels of every type.  Then one day there was no new book at hand for reading — so I decided to write one.  And I haven’t stopped writing since.

My work is colored by experiences of my early life in the southern states and later in the southwest.  Major influences include Agatha Christie, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, and Charlaine Harris.  

Most often I write in the fantasy genre, but I also write 1920s mysteries and Steampunk.  This blog, “Teagan’s Books” also features serial stories spontaneously written according to “things” from viewers.  

Browse around and enjoy yourself.  



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Copyright 2012 – 2017 Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene.  All rights reserved.

150 thoughts on “About Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

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    • Welcome Melanie. Somehow I knew you would have that question. Half my ancestors were Scottish. I had found a Gaelic translation for Geneviene, though I knew it must essentially be French… And the Celts were in France… Apparently France visited Scotland or Scotland visited France! The connection is so very long ago that I have not uncovered it. Thank you for visiting. Hugs!


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    • Hi Michael. Sometimes they call allergies to pollen and other things that are breathed-in “sinus allergies.” (Rather than food allergies, bee sting allergies, medicine, etc.) I just meant that I am having very bad sinus pressure and drainage, and the assortment of symptoms that go with pollen.
      Thank you for your good wishes, and for taking time to visit. Huge hugs! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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      • Hi Judi. I’m so honored that you bought my novel. It’s meant to be a fun read, magical and suspenseful I hope.
        Here at the blog you’ll find interviews with some of the characters and other things I’ve done about the fictional town of Atonement. None of which should be spoilers.
        Thank you so very much. Huge hugs.


    • Welcome Judi! I’m delighted you enjoyed your visit. I certainly enjoyed your blog. I’m not much of a cook any more, but I admire you chef/bloggers.
      I especially enjoy when cooks visit. You’ll see at the top of the page, buttons for homepages for some of the serials I did. Two of them are culinary mysteries. Thanks so much for taking time to comment. Sending hugs.


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    • Oh no, Mary Cathleen. I’m so sorry about Chelsea. No wonder you were so worried about “Moon” maybe being outside.
      (Aspen happened in a very, very bad, tragic way. I blame myself as much as the greedy incompetent vet. I haven’t gotten over that loss yet, and maybe never will.)
      I’m delighted to welcome you to Teagan’s Books. Wishing us all joy in the year to come. Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I like the way you write about food. It reminds me of that marvellous book ” Like Water for Chocolate” I suppose Mexico is not that far from the South. I like the guest post you did about the peppers!


    • Welcome Lucie! Thanks so much. I’m pleased that you liked the Pepper Story. Well, New Mexico is on the southern most tier of states. However, the culture and climate are very different from what’s known as the “deep south” — what people typically mean with the term “southern.” It’s also many hundreds of miles away in distance. Wishing you a wonder-filled week. Huge hugs!


  15. Teagan, first off, I’m totally taken with your name–so beautiful. And I’m taken with the title “Atonement, Tennessee.” You see 32 years ago I left my birthplace, Nashville, TN, and headed to the Pacific NW. I miss some things in TN, but love it here in Portland.

    Lastly, thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my review of Conflicted Hearts. I appreciate readers, and I hope you’ll return.


    • Welcome Sherrey — and thank you so much! I lived in Nashville for quite a few years. Tennessee is a beautiful state, rich in history. However, throughout my adult life I felt a longing to go westward. I got as far as New Mexico, and I was like a John Denver song — coming home to a place I’d never been before. I would love to be in Portland or anywhere west coast or southwest. So I definitely understand what you’re saying. I enjoyed your lovely blog, and I’m delighted that you repaid the visit. Hope to see you often. Hugs!


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  17. So sorry for your loss of a dear companion. There are no words, just a deep sense of loss that needs no explanation. Take care and please accept this hug for your pain and loss and a prayer for peace of mind.


  18. I’m so sorry about Aspen, Teagan. How well do I know that loss. Take time, my friend. Give Crystal plenty of hugs and attention. I’m thinking of you both.


    • Thank you Deb. We’re both very sad. Yes… i know you understand all too well. Crystal i doing better than i feared, but with her Inflammatory Bowel Disease… Now the slightest change is upsetting to her. Especially in the mornings, when we have such a routine and it is different simply because her “big brother” isn’t there… Hugs.


      • It’ll take a while for Crystal — and of course, you — to adjust, but time is the great healer. For us, Millie was in such bad shape at the end, her passing was really a blessing. I don’t how it was for Aspen, but sometimes there is a peace that prevails at the end. Our deepest sympathies — keeping you both in our thoughts today.


  19. You can read this comment later, Teagan, when you’re feeling more up to it.
    I’m so sorry about your loss. Losing a friend, furry or non-furry feels like being stabbed in the heart and the loss seems like it will never lessen, but it will. Aspen was loved and will always be in your heart, always. Big hugs. 🙂


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  22. You are so very kind Sally. The bouquet is a lovely idea and i accept it with gratitude.
    With each episode of the serial i feature the person who sent the things/ingredients. So if there is anything particular you want me to mention or include as a commentary from you, please let me know. There is time yet.
    Love & hugs!


  23. Hi Teagan, I will settle down after lunch and read the new episode… looks great. I have nominated you for an award for all your kindness and caring but all my awards come with a bouquet of flowers which those who wish are free to accept instead. In either case it is a small gesture from me to recognise your care and kindness and contribution to my life and my blog. Hugs and ♥ Sally https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/the-award-season-continues-with-the-the-hearts-as-one-drum-beat-award/


  24. Teagan, I’ve been following you for some time now and I love your fantasy fiction! Not sure how you feel about participating in writing projects, but I’d love for you to participate in A “Tour Through Blogland,” also known as “The Virtual Blog Tour Award.” It involves only answering 4 questions about your creative writing process and then to invite up to 4 other bloggers to participate. There is an article (blog) that you can include in the same post where you’ve answered the questions. It can be a short paragraph about writing,reading or the start of 2015 for you in your writing career. I’m publishing my post about this on Monday 1/19. You can tell me when you would like to publish your post depending on your time to do this. It would be an advantage for other writers to read about your experience and expertise in the writing process. All Best, Christine


  25. Hi Teagan!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad I found yours. Started reading Three Things Serial Home and got instantly hooked on your writing. I’ll be stopping by frequently 🙂


  26. Hi Teagan, I think your site’s got beautiful design and such interesting pieces, so I’m following! 🙂
    I really enjoy your posts and look forward to your next.
    Feel free to check out my writing about publishing: publishinginsights.org


  27. Hello T
    I know you are a longterm friend of Rand yet we haven’t officially met.
    Here in Texas we have Red Tail hawks and provide me with hours of fascination. We have been blessed the past for years by a family calling our birdbath a regular stop in their day. This year the baby came, I stand in the kitchen and watch for as long as I can stand. I named the dad Hawkie, all have Hawkie in their name.

    Have a great week and Thanksgiving. 🙂


    • Hi Stacey — i’m so glad you stopped to comment. I’m also quite flattered! 😀
      Of the writing projects that are either on the drawing board, or released… about five years, beginning with the epic The Dead of Winter. I’m still not ready to let that one go yet. (Shrugs… it’s a writer thing.)

      For the past two years i’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). You write a draft novel (and i do mean DRAFT) in 30 days. That’s been helpful to get me to finish things, when all my energy goes to my 9 to 5 job.
      So “Atonement, Tennessee” was drafted during NaNoWriMo 2012 and published about a year later. I had a story for WriMo 2013, but finishing it is a more complicated effort. I hope to do one this November that i can finish quickly.
      I hope you’ll visit often. Hugs!


  28. Hi Teagan…Thanks a ton for stopping by my blog and commenting…great to know that you are a writer. I have actually done some freelance copy editing and proofreading some time back. Reading about manuscripts and stuff on your blog takes me back to those days…:-)


  29. Oh what a great surprise! Thank you for reading the book, CB. I’m so honored whenever anyone reads it. I really need to put effort into book 2 (lots of notes, but not a lot of writing yet), and you’ve just encouraged me. 🙂


  30. Hi Teagan, Just wanted to say that I am half way through Atonement, Tennesse and think your writing is brilliant. All the best, CB


  31. Hi Shelley,
    You’re so kind to go to that much trouble. I just double checked, and comments are “enabled.” However, I’m glad you asked, because this might help many new readers.

    However… If you are on either serial homepage [Three Things, or Three Ingredients homepages]. Unfortunately, you’ll have to scroll way, way, way… way down to get to the comment area. And then down past all the ping-backs and comments. Then you’ll find “Leave a Reply” or comment [I’m not sure which word it uses from the reader’s computer].
    *Each Episode*
    Naturally commenting on an individual episode doesn’t take as much scrolling. But click on the “title bar” [shaded area located below my banner with the little houses, and above the episode introduction] – that lets you into the episode. Then you can scroll to the end and comment.
    That will be my next technical project – learning how to ask for the comments at the top of the page, rather than the end.

    *More Details for One and All*
    I made a homepage for each serial, since episodes are only published weekly – and they go on for months. At the homepages I only paste the story content.
    If you want to read the intros and promo bits for other bloggers, go to individual episodes. Find them on the right sidebar and scroll down to “Three Things” or “Three Ingredients” as you prefer. Click your choice for the episodes complete with introductions. These will appear by order of most recent publication.
    I hope this was helpful to everyone.


  32. Absolutely enjoy your blog. I look forward to spending some time here. Thank you for visiting me at Willy Nilly and allowing me to return the visit to find such fun in reading.


    • Willy Nilly, I consider that high praise after reading your work!
      The “interactive” serial stories are meant to be pure fun, not great literature or technically correct.
      I hope you’ll come back and leave “3 ingredients” for a future episode.


  33. Hi – thank you for checking out my blog and liking my post! As a new blogger, I love that. Of course, I went to your site and after about a half hour I realized how easily I can get lost in your delicious writings. So I’ve followed you and will come back later tonight to read more. 🙂


  34. Hi Teagan, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment. As a new blogger I found it encouraging. I have enjoyed reading different sections of your blog and will continue to do so. All the best, CB


    • Thank you CB. That means a lot to me. I’d have never known you were a beginner blogger. 🙂
      Feel free to leave a comment on any episode of the “Three Ingredients” episodes, with 3 food-related things (remember it’s a 1920’s timeframe) and I’ll make a future episode about them (and feature your blog).


  35. Hi Carol. Thank you so much. Your blog truly is beautiful!
    I appreciate the encouraging words. My debut novel “Atonement, Tennessee” is available through Amazon, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. (http://www.amazon.com/Teagan-Riordain-Geneviene/e/B00HHDXHVM, and http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/atonement-tennessee?keyword=atonement+tennessee&store=nookstore&iehack=%E2%98%A0 )

    If all goes well, I’ll post a little extra “Atonement” short story for Valentine’s Day. So stay tuned! 
    I’m so glad you stopped to comment.


  36. Moira that’s so kind of you! I guess between the two of us [or our blogs] we create a balance then – because I don’t see myself as a cook or knowledgeable about foods. So “The Three Ingredients” serial was me rising to a challenge that I truly didn’t know if I could handle!

    As for stories, I find that it’s more about my “head being in the right place” than time, inspiration, or motivation. And then sometimes there’s that indefinable something… I had a short story for which I made notes, but just couldn’t get it to come together to put it to paper. That idea hung around in the back of my mind for several YEARS. Then one day I was wishing I could send a Valentines gift to all my far away friends. Suddenly Valentine’s Day became the setting, and I wrote the story in one sitting. Many years later I still think it’s my best short story. “Chocolate with Death” https://teagansbooks.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/a-valentine-for-you/

    I hope you’ll come back and leave 3 ingredients. 


  37. Thank you for liking my recent posting on farinata (chick-pea crepes) and for visiting my site. I’m very impressed that you write novels. I have the start and completed plot-line to a short story I’ve been meaning to write, but can’t seem to find the (right type of) time to work on it. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!


  38. Hi Thank you that’s very nice ok how about garlic, Crepes, soufflé.:) Is that ok? Also I collect recipes can I copy yours on your blog?. I like your stories . .Ill keep reading more.:)


    • Mo, I am so happy that you returned the visit. I limit my blog to my fiction and motivational writings. But one day I would like to do one that is more similar to yours, and express those interests and callings.
      Wishing you health, happiness, and security in this New Year and always,


    • Awww Thanks for the shout out! I started reading your Three Things writings and wanted to comment how much fun they were to read, but I couldn’t find the comment button, so I’m back here. I must have missed something?? 🙂


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