A Bloomin’ Good Week in Atonement TN – It’s Catnip!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cat silhouette Tree_saso-tusar-130051

Welcome, to my sanctuary.   Could I offer you some coffee or tea, and a pastry or maybe a breakfast biscuit?  Something more unusual — perhaps herbal tea… maybe even catnip tea? 

I had a few days away from my job, and other than a migraine and snow (both on Thursday), it’s been great.  Of course there was a lot going on, just the same — and stressful as you might guess by the migraine.  But it’s all good now.  I’m finally relaxing a bit.

My head is still in my Atonement, TN universe because Atonement in Bloom got two reviews this week!  I’m really excited about them.  Thanks to Barb Taub for sharing her review of Atonement in Bloom.  I’m thrilled that she enjoyed my latest release. 


If you haven’t read the first book (Atonement, Tennessee) you might want to stay here though, if you’re hyper sensitive to finding things out anyway. 

Teri Polen also did a marvelous review.  Teri’s post and the comments got a conversation started about Atonement’s part-time narrator, Lilith the calico cat.  At Teri’s the kind and fun suggestion that Lilith should have her own book became a catalyst when it mixed with an idea that’s been catnapping in my brain.  I think I’ve figured out how to tell book-3!  I had been stumped as to how I should go about writing that story, but now I have some ideas simmering.

Speaking of that catnip loving feline, with the the first book I did a character interview with Lilith

Sorry if I seem like a cat with a bowl of cream, but I’m so pleased with these, and all the reviews “Bloom” has gotten.  …Do you detect a feline feeling with this post? 

Catnip flowers.jpg
Wikimedia Commons

Many people are familiar with the effect catnip has on most cats.  In the Atonement universe, Lilith the calico is no exception.  Moreover, Gwydion is sort of Lilith’s “catnip” figuratively too.  That leads the calico into a bit of trouble in “Atonement in Bloom,” but I don’t want to spoil anything by telling you about that. 

Gwydion has flower magic.  Cats might act like they’re under a spell when they get some “nip” but there’s science behind it.

Old meanings associated with flowers (or the language of flowers) are mentioned in the Atonement novels.  I didn’t think catnip was included in that, but I found something for it today.  Some say it symbolizes love, beauty, and happiness. It certainly tends to make cats happy! 

If you are concerned about the origins of store bought nip, you might grow your own.  You can use it yourself too (if you can get it away from your cats).  For humans, catnip tea is supposed to “provide a mild euphoria” but in my experience, the effects are so mild as to be barely noticeable.  However, it is reputed to have other benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, and as an insect repellent.  You might find you have helpers when you harvest it.  Here’s a fun video about growing your own catnip.

♣ — ♣

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you’ll join me Wednesday for Hidebound Hump Day and another chapter of Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers.  If you missed the last chapter, here’s a link to Crinoline, Lye Soap, and Caterpillar.  The random “things” driving the next week’s episode are Pen Knife, Indian Head Penny, and Brocade of a White Lion.  Yes, somebody actually got that detailed with the random “things”… but I managed to continue the story. 

I’ll be looking for you at the station!


Now some shameless self-promotion.

Atonement in Bloom

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The Glowing Pigs, Snort Stories of Atonement, Tennessee

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Remember, book-1, Atonement, Tennessee is on sale for 99¢ for the e-book.

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Murder at the Bijou — Three Ingredients I

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73 thoughts on “A Bloomin’ Good Week in Atonement TN – It’s Catnip!

    1. Welcome, Robert! Now that’s cool. My first thought was using the essential oil would be better than having to taste the catnip tea. But then again… the odor of catnip isn’t exactly pleasing to me either. Although, it is in the mint family — maybe the distillation process would alter the smell and make it more minty. Doubtful. LOL. Thanks for visiting. Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I have a catnip infused mist (water), but not an essential oil. My cat sometimes likes it better than the real thing. (She’s not as nuts for nip as some cats are, but she usually likes it.) I spray it on her toys, or on a cloth for her to roll around on.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! Right, tell someone who can’t see your feet still floating above the ground that you’ve shaken it off. 😋❤ The good reviews are exciting and I’m so happy for you that the latest book is being so well received!

        We had rain last week which really helped with the fires and the air quality is finally getting much better. We had a blue sky yesterday.

        Thank you for the Thanksgiving wish. I hope you have a good week! Hugs right back at ya! xx


        1. Haha! Yes, my feet are still up above the ground. The shaking off was the migraine… which just keeps trying to get the upper hand still. Maybe the weather.
          I’m so glad you have gotten rain and a blue sky. 🙂 I really don’t know how people coped with that bad air for so long. More hugs!


  1. Great posting Teagan! Excuse the late revisit. I hope you are feeling better now. Cant do a catnip since four years. Our cat – we called him with a aristocratic name left from here. Seems we were to “normal” for him. ***lol*** Best wishes, Michael

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Catnip tea, that sounds interesting. I hope you feel better after the nasty migraine and please send the snow our way. We need some precipitation badly to get rid of the smoke from all the fires.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Gerlinde, I have seen the horrifying reports, and the air quality maps… It’s so terrible. I know how badly a single “orange” air quality day effects me here — but what you have in CA… I can’t even imagine. Our scientists need to step up, and so does the government.

      Interesting? LOL that’s one way to describe catnip tea… o_O. Have a jar of honey and a large spoon ready. It does not taste good — but if it has even a small benefit to ease inflammation and/or stress, I’ll try it.
      Thank you for taking time to visit. I’m headed to the office now, but will be taking leave the rest of the week. Great big hug.


  3. Bring on the catnip tea:) All my cats absolutely love it….and so do I. I hope that the migraine is cleared and that you and Crystal are enjoying a lovely weekend. Did I see on FB that you are looking to buy a lovely new home???? Sending hummingbird hugs. Janet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Janet. I can’t say that I enjoy the taste of catnip tea, but one gets used to it. I have a couple of inflammation problems, and you know the stress, so I drink it sometimes. I figure that every little bit helps. It has indeed been a beautiful weekend after so many gloomy days! Magical hummingbird hugs received ❤ and returned multiplied. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the information on catnip. This reminded me of my Maine Coon cat named “Cujo.” He is now over the rainbow bridge but in his youth, he would get into the neighbor’s catnip plant. I would get a call to go and pick him up. There he would be sound asleep in the middle of a catnip plant. I would pick him up, apologize and promise to get Cujo help. Of course, Cujo never got help and lived for 22 years. His last seven as an indoor cat with controlled access to catnip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, a *cat* named Cujo? What a marvelous memory, John. Thanks so much for sharing it here and making me smile.
      My oldest cat was 17. Crystal is 12 now. She will be the final feline.
      Crystal likes her nip. She’ll rub her face in it, and eat a few bites. But she’s not as into it as many cats. Sometimes she completely ignores it. I love the videos of lions and tigers playing in it. Thanks for visiting. Mega hugs!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha. Catnip doesn’t pack a punch for humans. I wish there was something that made me feel the way catnip seems to make most cats feel! LOL.
      I didn’t know cannabis had been legalized there. Thanks for taking a moment to visit here. Stay warm. Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Andrea. Thank you. I keep trying to force calm to keep the migraine-leftovers from getting the upper hand. Your lovely post today helped. Your words always take me to a nicer place. Yes, I’m so happy about the reviews! I appreciate you taking time to visit here. Hugs on the wing.


  5. Lilith will get a book…maybe… how fun is that! I grew catnip for Pinky the Cat, and I have a lot left over since he passed away. I never thought to make tea!!! So, guess what I’m doing this afternoon? Maybe I’ll do some catnip-induced writing. Ha ha. I’m glad you had a few days off, but sorry to hear about the migraine. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Teagan. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh-oh! If you’re making catnip tea, Diana, be sure to have the honey jar handy — and a large spoon. I drink it sometimes, but I’m that desperate to de-stress — and figure if every little thing can help a little, then enough of them might add up… I don’t drink it for the taste. o_O Plus if it’s an anit-inflammatory, all the better since I have more than one inflammation problem.
      Thanks so much for taking a moment to visit my rambling today. Wishing you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving too. And safe journeys if you are traveling. Mega hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Staci. Thank you. I remember you mentioning these dreadful pains in the head (and farther south) — migraines are so much more than headaches.
      Yes, the idea has been nagging at me for a while. But a visitor at Teri’s said something that triggered the little “bubble of what if” to expand.
      Have a satisfying Saturday. Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Sorry about the migraine and the snow. Your snow (and the attendant signal problems) combined with my snow for an awfully long day for me on Thursday – I could have used some catnip.

    I thought I had seen all the reviews, but I missed Teri’s – I’m heading over there now. I’m glad you’re still enjoying time in Atonement (maybe it will inspire you, hint hint).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dan, I saw your post today. You went through a nightmare. I’m glad you’re safe and sound.
      LOL, you’re too kind. The comments at Teri’s did inspire some ideas. I’m exploring thoughts and trying to figure out how to pull it together. Have a peaceful weekend. Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Your writing is my catnip, 🐾 dear Teagan, you truly are the cat’s meow.😻😻😻 I’m sorry about the snow ❄️❄️❄️ (we got it too, weird for this time of year) and the migraine (I know that pain in the brain 🧠), so I’m sending you mega bloomin’ big bloggy hugs dear friend, thank you and have a peace-filled weekend. 🙂 ☮️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Catnip — You are so kind. Thanks for the smile you just gave me, Donna. I know that you are all too familiar with migraines, my friend. Our Thanksgiving is early this year, and so is winter… But I have something going on to brighten these dark wintry days (see on Facebook, I’m not sharing it here).
      Mega catnip hugs. 😀


    1. Thank goodness. Judith I’m relieved to read your comment. There was so much going in in my mind yesterday, I was afraid I had botched this post. Thank you so much for taking time to visit. Oh and if you ever try catnip tea — have plenty of honey on hand. I can’t recommend the flavor. LOL. 🐱 Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I hope you are feeling better now, Teagan, and the idea for the third book in the series sounds intriguing. I don’t have cats, but the tip about mosquitos sounds interesting (I must be the equivalent to catnip for mosquitos, because they love me!). Congratulations on the reviews, well deserved, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Olga, The hugely loud barking dog on the other side of my wall brought back my migraine yesterday. But it is better, and despite that noise and a day of ridiculous stress caused by an utterly incompetent screw up by the property tax people here… It wasn’t really a good week at all… but the reviews kept my spirits up. So did the progress on the “project” that I don’t talk about here — but my Facebook friends have seen.
      This week is a great example of how the state of mind can make such a big difference in one’s reality.
      Wishing you a beautiful, wonder-filled, hug-filled weekend.


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