Jazz Age Wednesdays ― Hullaba Lulu 11.2

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tesla no hat Conducting-1-1
Who’s your papa?  Art by Rob Goldstein

Welcome everyone.  The diesel-punk train has arrived at Jazz Age Wednesdays.  It’s great to see all you Sheiks and Shebas!  Artist, Rob Goldstein  created the pos-i-lutely swell images for this episode.  If you need a comprehensive review of this serial, Rob has a post with links to many of the past chapters

Previously with Hullaba Lulu

When we left Lulu and the crew, Valentino’s train had crashed into a sand dune in Egypt.  Pearl apologized for suggesting Lulu and her family weren’t good enough, but Lulu could tell she didn’t really mean it.

Then they saw an automobile speeding across the sands toward the train.  The angel-bots acted very excited when they spotted it.  

“It’s Papá!” Moon cried.

This time

This episode is low key compared to others.  However, we can see that Pearl has something up her sleeve.  The story picks up where Chapter 11.1 Papá ended.  Now to Chapter 11.2.  Do you hear Valentino’s trumpet?

All aboard!

Hullaba Lulu

Chapter 11.2

Violet Ray

Bots gather to welcome Papa
The angel-bots gather excitedly to welcome Papá

“It’s Papá!” Moon cried.

Without further explanation, Moon jumped down to the sandy ground and rushed toward the other angel-bots.  They bounced on their toes in excitement as the vehicle drew near.

When the automobile stopped a man wearing a top hat stepped out to join the angle-bots.

“Is that?” Gramps began.

“Nikola Tesla?” Pearl asked.

“Bushwa!  Is it?  Moon said it was ‘Papá.’  He was talking about Tesla?” I asked in surprise.

We couldn’t hear what the automatons said to him but he turned back to his automobile and in a moment, two of the angel-bots lifted out a wooden case.  The group started toward the train.

Pearl’s eyes widened as she gazed at the man.  She had a familiar look on her face that meant she had an idea.  Pearl had a knack for coming up with schemes to get into big parties, or getting free giggle water, or other things to entertain her, Rose, and me.

Pearl at Station-04-23-18
Pearl by Rob Goldstein

While I wondered what she was thinking, Pearl put a hand to her fluffy blond hair.  Then she touched the long fashionable earrings she wore.  I thought she was nervous about meeting Nikola Tesla.

“He has phobias,” Pearl murmured.

Dynamite and Moon rushed to the train ahead of the rest of the group.  Moon had the wooden case.

“What’s in the box?” I asked the angel-bots.

“It’s Papá’s violet ray machine,” Moon answered.  “It will stimulate lymphatic and capillary circulation, resulting in toxins being carried away and the body’s organs being strengthened.”

“This might help Valentino,” Dynamite translated scientist into flapper.  “Moon knows how to set up the right voltage for the transformer, the coil, and the glass applicators.”

Control room The Angel_0322-
The control room of Valentino’s train, by Rob Goldstein

“Yes, Señorita.  That is how the violet ray works.  As the voltage moves through the coil, it is increased, ionizing the gas in the bulb.  This produces charged particles that emanate from the bulb’s surface.  The high frequency and charged particles are beneficial,” said Moon as he hurried down the corridor with the box.

“Huh?” I asked Pearl.

However, Pearl was gone.

I put out a hand to slow down Dynamite when he moved to follow Moon.

“Will that thing heal Valentino?” I asked.

Dynamite shifted his feet before answering.

“It does nothing to bring Valentino into proper attunement with the train.  So no, Miss.  It won’t heal Valentino,” Dynamite said carefully.  “However, like what you did with the theremin, it should help some.  It could give us time to find a cure.  After this treatment, you may be asked to use the theremin on him again,” he added.  “If you don’t mind, of course.”

I nodded and told Dynamite I would do anything I could.

Tesla portrait-c
Nikola Tesla, by Rob Goldstein

Some of the automatons helped the man wearing the top hat up onto the train.  Gramps was accustomed to the role of host back at his speakeasy.  He politely introduced us, which prompted the man to respond in kind.  He was indeed Nikola Tesla.  However, he wasted little time on pleasantries and asked the angel-bots to take him to Valentino.

I got the feeling I would be in the way, so I let suspicious curiosity lead the wayme.  I went to Pearl’s sleeper car.

As I approached, the door opened and Woo stepped out of Pearl’s rooms.  I could hear Pearl’s voice and she was in a lather.

“I’m sorry you made so much work for yourself, Woo.  None of these will do.  Maybe if you could speak without that accent, you would understand better.  I’m afraid you’ll just have to bring more dresses until you can understand what I mean by old fashioned,” Pearl said in a matter of fact tone.

Bot inside Metropolis 08
Some angel-bot attendants on the train, by Rob Goldstein

Woo hesitated when she saw me.  Her feet shuffled in a way that I had come to interpret as clockwork confusion or maybe anxiety.

“May I assist you, Giver of Names?” Woo asked in a voice that had a very slight Chinese accent.

“So where do you come from, anyway, Woo?” I asked with a glance toward Pearl’s rooms.

“Most angel-bots are actually from the same place, Miss.  However, my voice is from Shanghai,” she replied.

Of course, I was curious about the first part of her statement.  However, Woo was compelled to get on with her errand for Pearl, so I didn’t trouble her by asking.

Pearl’s door was open, so I followed the sound of her voice into her sleeper car.  The first thing I noticed was that the lower level of the car was littered with glad rags of every color and shape, as well as gowns representative of half a dozen eras of history.

Interior Train control console Valentino victrola sofas
Comfy and luxurious accommodations on the train, by Rob Goldstein

The second thing I noticed was that she wasn’t wearing any earrings.  Pearl always wore earrings, even when she slept.  Daytime or evening, she preferred the longest, flashiest ones she could find.  Pearl had a newspaper in her hands when she glanced up at me.

“Pearl, what’s all this stuff?” I asked motioning around the room to all the dresses.  “Are you dudding up for something?”

“Lulu, I’m glad you’re here.  Maybe there’s something in your fluky clothes that’s out dated enough.  Have you got something plain I could borrow?” she wanted to know.

“You’ve got an odd way of asking somebody to help you,” I told her.

Lulu blowing bubble
Lulu feeling a bit snarky, by Rob Goldstein

“Oh, come on, Lulu.  Don’t be that way.  You know it’s true.  You don’t have an eye for fashion.  Look at this,” Pearl demanded as she held up the newspaper and gave it a shake.

“In place of the soft voiced, gentle woman of my reverent worship,” says Mr. Tesla, “has come the woman who thinks that her chief success in life lies in making herself as much as possible like man–in dress, voice and actions, in sports and achievements of every kind,” Pearl read from the newspaper.

“Plus, you know he has phobias.  He’s scared to death of human hair and earrings!  Nerts!  Can you believe it?  Who could be afraid of earrings?” Pearl exclaimed.

“Why are you so upset?  Bushwa!  Why do you even care?” I demanded.

“Mr. Tesla is a chaste man.  I can leave with him and not damage my reputation.  I’m sure I can get him to agree to take me home,” Pearl explained.  “However, he’s also quite a catch, and he’s the cat’s particulars too.  His ideal woman doesn’t exist in this century, but I can make him think I’m her.”

Pearl Bald-2 (2)
Annoyed, Lulu imagines shaving Pearl’s head, by Rob Goldstein

“I get it, Pearl.  Nikola Tesla is an odd bird, but you want him to think you’re a Sheba.  In that case there’s two things for you to do.  One ― don’t wear any earrings,” I began and Pearl nodded.  “And two, shave your head.”

At that comment Pearl started some very loud hysterics.  I admit to having the uncharitable fantasy of holding her down and shaving her head.

Summoning all my self-restraint I went to the radio in her room.  After being handed off a couple of times, I managed to reach Woo.  I asked the angel-bot for a more specific dress and hat.

“Yes please, Woo.  In Pearl’s size.  A gown that’s Victorian, but rather simple.  And in either white or a pastel.  Yes, I know the kind of hat I asked for doesn’t go with a Victorian gown, but just humor me.  That’s right.  Not a regular hat, but a turban.  And get it to match the gown if you can,” I requested.

Pearl Turban 3
Pearl Wearing Turban, by Rob Goldstein


The End


Horsefeathers!  It seems like Pearl really is ready to leave the train.  She’s dead set on making a play for Tesla too.  I think Valentino isn’t the only one who needs help!

Will Tesla’s violet ray buy Valentino enough time?  If it’s not a cure, then what are they going to do to heal him?  Tune in again next week!

Real World Notes

The Violet Ray.  Invented by Nikola Tesla, the violet ray is a user-friendly, hand-held device that can be used with a variety of glass applicators, such as a bulb, a comb-rake, or a rod, each with a specific purpose. The glass is inserted into the tip of the hand-held section. After being plugged in and turned on, the appliance becomes a high-voltage, low amperage (current) source of static electricity.  Its discharge creates a violet color (hence, its name), a pleasant ozone smell – and a sizzling noise.

I hope you’ll click over and check out Rob’s blog.  You’ll find more fabulous images there, and terrific blog posts too. 

Stay tuned for more spontaneously written fun.  The remaining things Rob sent to drive Chapter 11 are Sarcophagus and Remote Control.  Your guess is as good as mine for what I’ll do with those things. 

I hope you will be at the station again next week to catch the diesel-punk train.

Thanks for visiting.  You’re the oyster’s earrings!

Iset full black gown Lulu - Goddess-3 (1)
Don’t forget this mysterious woman.  I don’t think she blinked in just for the heck of it.



Now some shameless self-promotion for my other 1920s books — the original “three things” stories about Paisley Idelle Peabody, aka Pip, and her friends.

Bijou front only 2

Murder at the Bijou — Three Ingredients I

Novel-book-The Three Things Serial Story-Teagan Riordain Geneviene-The Writer Next Door-Vashti Q-spotlight-author

The Three Things Serial Story: A Little 1920s Story Kindle 

This is a work of fiction.  Characters, names, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

Artwork Copyright © 2018 by Rob Goldstein

Copyright © 2018 by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

All rights reserved.

No part of this work may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.  Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights.

All images are either the property of the author or provided by free sources, unless stated otherwise.


114 thoughts on “Jazz Age Wednesdays ― Hullaba Lulu 11.2

    1. Neither did I, Suzanne. Many of the “20s Tech” items in the story come from Rob’s brilliant choices of “things” and that was one of them. I’m timid of the “voltage” they talk about, but intrigued by the ozone scent. Thanks for visiting. You’re the oyster’s earrings!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I hope the machine buys Valentino enough time to get him someplace they can cure him. The storyline with Pearl is fun. The shaving her head part had me laughing out loud. Somehow even in plain clothes, and no earrings I think Pearl will still sizzle. 😀💎💄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed that, Deborah. I always wanted to introduce more contradictions for Pearl (supposedly a darned nice girl — or so she gets everyone to think) — ever since I gave her that garter flask way back when. So, I couldn’t resist having a little fun at her expense. She’s taken on part of the personality of someone I once knew. You know, some people can be utter jerks, but still act so sweet and bamboozle everyone into sticking with them. Pearl just doesn’t understand that it’s not okay for her to be that way. She might have some bumps along the way, but I think Pearl will land on her feet.
      I’m so happy that you’re on this train. You’re the oyster’s earrings!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. LOL. You’re swell, Deborah. Instagram? Never done that. I’m veryveryveryvery camera shy. Look for me on Facebook if you want. I’ll try to do a photo this weekend.
          But now I want to know about the Wine Train! Wine and train… you’ve totally got my attention. ❤

          Liked by 1 person

    1. “You can bring Pear, she’s a darned nice girl…” they should have brought Lulu instead, huh? 😀
      Actually no. They’re in the normal reality. Rose left for the “upside down Egypt” but the others were never there. Tesla doesn’t get any magical powers in this story.
      Thanks for visiting, Joanne. You’re the bee’s knees!


        1. It’s not important, Joanne. Serials are so hard to keep straight, with just once a week. and all the time this has been going.
          When the train crashed into the sand dune in Egypt, it exited the painting.
          While it was sitting there all cattywampus, Lulu could see two different Egypts — the “upside down” one where people were their moral opposites, and the regular one.
          Rose spotted a “good” version of Tom in the upside down Egypt and left to go to him. Then that door closed. The train and everyone else is in the regular Egypt. Tesla will be regular Tesla, but there are still some supernatural folks lurking around. 😉
          I hope that helps. I also posted a review this morning, with links to all back chapters. https://teagansbooks.com/2018/07/21/catch-up-saturdays-hullaba-real-world-tech-review/
          Great big hug!


    1. Haha! Jan this train has that fantastical automat where you can get just about anything. Lets get a booth and get zozzled on gin rickeys, or splificated on hooch. 😀
      Thanks for being on this train. You’re the oyster’s earrings!


  2. Another great episode Teagan.. as soon as I say you had written the Violet Ray I put Tesla two and two together .. I also thought of another violet ray.. One that we pull in sometimes in meditation..
    I don’t know how you do it.. But you weave a magnificent story.. Even though I have missed many chapters, each episode is a story itself..
    And such fun you and Rob are having with your creations.. Loved them all..
    The 20’s was such an interesting time… When many branched out to be different, Shocking their elders in the process.. I had one of those tassel purses with beads which was from my Great Grandma.. I remember it well, and loved it when I was about 12.. Something those in the 20’s would have taken with them to a dance.. I don’t’ know what happened to it.. Or why I should just think of it.. But the pictures Rob created brought it to mind..
    Love and Mega Hugs my friend.. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Sue, it’s lovely to see you. This feedback is so valuable to me — to know that you feel comfortable in understanding individual episodes even if you can’t read each one. Thank you for letting me know that! ❤
      Yes, Rob and I are still having fun with this story and images. 😀 I wanted something humorous when I added the Pearl/Tesla scenario — and (as always) Rob came through in terrific form. Wait until you see the ones for next week. I hope I can do them justice. Thanks for visiting. You're the cat's pajamas!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the fact that Pearl got a big part in this episode, Teagan. I don’t know why, but she makes me laugh with some of the things she says. I’ve never heard of anyone having a phobia of human hair or earrings before. Where do you come up with these ideas from? They are brilliant.
    Hugs to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Hugh! Truth is just stranger than fiction. 😉 I actually knew someone who said the kind of things Pearl has been saying…
      The wildest things in this story (with the possible exception of a place that used cheeseburgers as currency) have been based on truth! Yes, Tesla really did have phobias of human hair and women’s earrings.
      I’m delighted that you enjoyed it. Thanks for being on this train. You’re the caterpillar’s kimono!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi Teagan
    We haven’t talked in forever, how are you doing? I can see you have your book jive on. Congratulations. Do you know why Robert has his comments closed? Going out of town maybe? I love the collaboration between you two.
    Take good care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, I’m trying to do the Book Jive! (Now a song is trying to worm into my brain.)
      I think Rob has a lot on his plate. The images he makes are very labor and time intensive, not to mention life in general.
      I’m happy you are enjoying this. You’re the bee’s knees!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    As I wind down for the evening I will leave you in the capable hands of Teagan Geneviene. It is Jazz Age Wednesday and we are all aboard the train along with Lulu, Pearl, Rose, Granpa, Valentino and of course the angel bots. Who are very excited by the arrival of the famous Tesla along with a piece of equipment that might help improve Valentino’s chances of sticking around for a while. In the meantime Nikola Tesla may have to find something to keep Pearl at a distance… she has an experiment of her own in mind…..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha. I believe she is determined, Jacquie.
      Even though I started writing 1920s stories by pure chance, I quickly realized that it is a fascinating era in history. So many extraordinary innovations that due to wars, and fate went by the wayside, and are now forgotten, like the violet ray.
      I’m delighted that you are on this train. You’re the kitten’s ankles!

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Tesla was such a fascinating man. I love seeing him included here. It’s going to be very interesting to see how he reacts with Pearl. As always, another excellent episode and fanatic artwork from Rob. I’m still really worried about Valentino, and then there is that mysterious woman you reminded us of at the end. Loving this train ride!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Mae. I’m pos-i-lutely delighted that you are enjoying this. I’m kind of wondering how he’ll react to Pearl too! (nervous laugh…) But there might be a third element to that situation too. 😉 Thanks for being on this train. You’re the kitten’s ankles!

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Ah, a very clever episode, Teagan. A stroke of genius to bring in a real investor and real invention. The illustrations are gorgeous as always.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re so kind, Robbie. Actually all of the tech “things” Rob has sent (and the few that I’ve added) are true to the 1920s era. Although I’ve used a few of them in a fantasy way. His choices have been brilliant.
      I’m pleased as punch that you enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for being on this train. You’re the caterpillar’s kimono!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. This is another fascinating segment. Pearl is one determined young lady. I think you are right. Valentino isn’t the only one who needs help. I do hope the violet ray will help him. I can’t wait to see where this train goes next! Well-done, Teagan and Rob!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I do believe she is, Jan! LOL. Gramps or one of the bots might be wise to keep an eye on Lulu too. I think her temper is getting frayed. 😉 I’m happy you enjoyed this part of the trip. Thanks so much for your encouragement. You’re the oyster’s earrings!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. LOL, the pigeon thing was kind of odd for sure. But sad and almost endearing too… in a way.
          Tee-hee! I love the language of the 20s. I’ve looked up compliments that I could use. The kitten’s ankles is a favorite — and — You’re the caterpillar’s kimono!

          Liked by 2 people

    1. Welcome aboard, GP! I’m delighted that you enjoyed this little jaunt.
      I think everyone has a vivid imagination… it’s just a matter of giving ourselves permission to remove the limits and run with it. Have a wonderful rest of the week. You’re the bee’s knees!

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Yay – I finally get to read an episode straight away in the am. I have long been a fan of Nikola Tesla, and I’m so glad to see him make an appearance in this story. I’m not sure where he’s heading, but I hope he can help Valentino. I love the images, especially the control room of the train. I also really enjoy the imagery I’m associating with angel-bots bouncing on their toes. What a wonderful way to make them seem more human.

    I hope Pearl knows what she’s doing and I hope the collective effort of everyone on that train can help Valentino. See you next week (and I hope you have a great end of week / weekend).

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Dan. I’m not sure how things are going to go for Pearl. She seems pretty sure of herself but when someone is that confident, it doesn’t always mean they’re right about how things will go.
      I’m glad you picked out that about the angel-bots. Now and then I try to add something to show they have a childlike nature.
      I hope it’s a good week for you too. I’m having a lot of Mondays, including a department of public health issue at work… When did I ask for more stress?
      Heartfelt thanks for being on this train. You’re the cat’s pajamas!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t want to make you feel bad but my week is over. I was at a company outing at a baseball game today and on vacation tomorrow & Friday. I had two Mondays, so I’m ready.

        I hope your week goes better from here out.

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  10. Fabulous episode. Oh, Pearl is up to something for sure, and like Christoph, I’m amazed at the violet ray. I love programs about antiques and every so often they find bizarre contraptions, but I hadn’t come across one of those yet. Fascinating! Thanks, Teagan!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Olga. I was very intrigued by the violet ray machine. Although I admit I’m intimidated by the thought of all that “voltage.” (I had several electric shocks as a child, mostly small, but one was rather a lot.)
      I’m happy that you’re on this train. You’re the kitten’s ankles!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Loved this episode and love the thoughts of Jazz music playing everywhere. Wonderful illustrations and I also thought violet ray was from your amazing imagination….you never cease to blow my mind. Sending lots of hummingbird hugs. Janet xx

    Liked by 2 people

        1. 🐱 Crystal was so meowy and needy this morning, bringing her paper-balls. I’m just delighted that she feels good enough to be that way and playful. The vet’s new plan seems to be working okay. He took her off the steroid shots he had changed her to and put her on prescription hypoallergenic food. She hates it, but she is doing much better than the first half of this year. More hugs!

          Liked by 2 people

  12. Pearl with no earings she sounds serious… A great episode with the potential for some sparks to fly next week. Brilliant images once again and your storytelling perfectly complements the images…:) x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😀 Hi Christoph, it’s great to see you. I have to credit Rob about the violet ray. He’s been great at choosing 1920s tech “things.” There is so much more to that era than most people would think. I’m flattered that you thought I might come up with it. I’m so glad you’re on this train. You’re the caterpillar’s kimono!

      Liked by 2 people

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