Happy Birthday to Teagan from Lulu and the Gang

This was such a wonderful surprise from Rob Goldstein! It’s not something I usually mention on my blog, but I enjoyed this so much that I had to share it here.
Be sure to visit Rob’s blog and say hello. He went to San Francisco’s ‘Families Belong Together’ march yesterday. I’m looking forward to photos of it at his place.

Oh, and coming this Wednesday on “Hullaba Lulu” we say goodbye to a friend.

Hugs all around.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Today is Teagan’s Birthday,  so Lulu and the gang whipped up a surprise.

Virtual reality photograph of Gramps playing the Theramin Gramps Plays Happy Birthday on the Theremin for Teagan

We hope you like pink soda with whipped cream, and the Theremin!

We also hope this makes you smile!

RG, 2018

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88 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Teagan from Lulu and the Gang

  1. I am so behind in commenting on your blog that I am ashamed. Happy late Birthday Teagan, I hope you got to celebrate your birthday in style.

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  2. That was wonderful! … especially watching the dog walk away in the video with his head down and when the first sounds of the theremin came through, my cat’s head popped up like a cork 😆

    Happy Belated Birthday, Teagan. I’m all about birthday week, so hope you are celebrating in Lulu style 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Joanne. Yes, I am! I work at home today but then I’ve taken off the rest of the week. Hopefully to do a lot of editing for Atonement in Bloom.

      I’m glad you mentioned that about the theremin. Naturally I wanted one the minute I saw it, but I was afraid it would freak out my cat and make this “dog friendly” neighborhood resound with howling… I thought the guy’s dog wasn’t interested, but now that you mention the pup’s posture… I believe you’re right. He was probably well trained and just didn’t howl. Thanks for the lovely wish. Hugs!

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    1. There’s never any such thing as late at “Teagan’s Books” Michael. 🙂 That just means I get to keep celebrating. Thanks so very much. I saw that you’ve made your blog private (or similar). If you have a public blog, please send me a link so I can follow. Hugs!

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      1. Thank you very much Teagan! I had to make the blog private, because some cookies of wp.com are not allowed by GDPR if the blog usage is business like. Journalism in Germany is seen as business. I have a new public blog – http://www.eslarn-net.de – but the GDPR restricts using the “Jetpack(R)”-plugin, but this plugin provides all the functions not allowed by GDPR for business-related blogs. ;-(
        But i try to find a solution without Jetpack. Maybe! Best wishes, Michael

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    1. Dear Janet — heartfelt thanks. This unexpected gift from Rob knocked my socks off.
      Crystal has her monthly steroid shot/vet visit today. Ssssshhhhh! I will have to sneak up on her to catch her soon… 🐱 Hummingbird hugs right back. ❤

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