Poor Little Glad Rag Doll — Part of the Lulu-verse

Artist, Rob Goldstein illustrates the diesel-punk fantasy series, Hullaba Lulu. He often creates art that runs parallel to the series. Rob is supposed to be taking a break, but he still did this a post and great video as part of the “Lulu-verse.”

Stay tuned for Hullaba Lulu Chapter 9.1 on Saturday.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Teagan and I are on a break from Hullaba Lulu this week.

We both have busy weeks; I have a friend in surgery
today and a guest arrives from Vancouver next week.

Then there is the effect of the Trump administration
on my Illness and its symptoms.

That’s a discussion I take up in my next post.

If you are an adult child of a pathological narcissist and you are not
affected by the diseased behavior of the Trump administration,
you’re still in denial.

Lucky you!  🙂

A staged photograph of the charactrer of Valentino with the wings of an Angel Some Angels

In the meantime, here is a link to some angels on Teagan’s books.

A quick explanation of the video:

I was intrigued with the idea in chapter eight Hullaba Lulu of the danger of entering the world of a painting.  So I played with it by importing a few public domain copies of the Pittura Metafisica paintings of de Chirico

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