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Saturday, May 26 2018

Lulu purple sofa
Lulu inside Valentino’s train, by Rob Goldstein

Hello, one and all.  Come on into my sanctuary and have a seat with Lulu and me, because this post is kind of a hodgepodge. 

Today I begin with a respectful moment of silence in observance of the coming Memorial Day (USA)Sometimes called Decoration Day it is a federal holiday in the United States originally meant for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.

A revision — Happy Memorial Day 

I see people expressing disdain and contempt for those words — or at least for the word “happy.”  Yes, it is in truth a very somber holiday.  Yet, it is more…  When I was a child, I endured the death of a sibling.  So many people acted like I should never be happy again because of that death.  As a child I thought, felt they must be right. I did not smile. 

Now I realize that gratitude and respect for those who have passed does not preclude joy.  Would those who have been selfless want only your tears?  Or would they want their lives to be celebrated? So even though I usually wish you blessings or some other benediction that does not include “happy”… Today I wish you a happy Memorial Day.  (Comments are now closed.)

I appreciate you being part of my Get Caught Reading Month. Special thanks to Chris Graham – the Story Reading Ape for working with me on a two-part story for this year.  “Artie Meets the Alchemist” was a delight to co-write with everyone’s favorite Ape on Artie Meets the Alchemist.

Sarah Teri PolenYou’ve caught me reading one last book for this month. This time it’s Sarah, by the marvelous Teri Polen.  Teri writes exciting, suspenseful “young adult” stories.  This book is about a horror fan and a ghost and… Well, just hang onto your hat and keep the lights on!

She will publish another book this summer called The Gemini Connection.  You can also visit Teri at her blog, Books and Such.

Me?  I’m still in the edit/proof process with book-2 in my “Atonement” series, Atonement in Bloom.  I thought I might publish it this month, but… Well, as they used to say where I came from, “Mights (mites) grow on a chicken’s butt (well, that’s not the word they use, but you get the idea).  Anyhow, I cringe to think how long it’s been since I first said the book was “coming soon.” 

Huge thanks to those of you who have “gotten on the train” for my diesel-punk fantasy, Hullaba Lulu. 

Ghost train station with color
Art by Rob Goldstein

San Francisco artist Rob Goldstein makes wonderful virtual reality illustrations for the series.  Rob has also made several videos for the “Lulu-verse” — and in doing so, he has created a soundtrack for the series, filled with Roaring Twenties songs.  Here’s the one he made this week.  Rob talks about it in this post.

(You can see the entire collection of videos here.)

If you haven’t gotten on the train, you can catch up by clicking the Hullaba Lulu category on the right side of the page. You’ll meet Lulu, her Gramps, friends Rose and Pearl, and some other characters as they begin a journey with an enigmatic man who only calls himself Valentino.  Listen for the trumpet’s call and the conductor’s announcement, All aboard!   That’s here each week for Jazz Age Wednesdays.

I should also mention the Rolling Thunder. Bikers in droves from across the country gather here, partly to bring attention to soldiers missing in action. It’s a cool idea to have all those motorcycles, and it’s downright awe inspiring to see so many. Unfortunately to reach their destination many of them travel under an overpass 1/4 mile from my home.  So the “Rumble of the Rolling” is almost constant (if to a lesser degree than the gathering at the Capitol Mall) from Friday through Monday.  When significant portion of that group takes this route, it literally shakes the house.  Still an amazing thing though.

Thanks for taking time to visit.  I love your comments, so be sure to say hello.  If you are celebrating where you are, have a safe holiday weekend. 

You’re the cat’s pajamas!


Here’s my shameless self-promotion…

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Bijou front only 2

Murder at the Bijou — Three Ingredients I

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59 thoughts on “Hullaba Hodgepodge

  1. Teagan, I hope you are having a great long weekend and that the editing is going well. The noise of the bikers must be awesome and noisy – a heck of a procession but not good for your ears. Every year in Sweden there is a motorbike ride from Norway down the west coast. There are hundreds and hundreds of bikers – an incredible sight but at the same time the fumes in the small towns is overpowering and impossible to move for a few hours. Pros and cons … I think the ride is for charity so you can’t complain!

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    1. Hi Annika. It’s a very patriotic cause, and it is a “non-profit” organization. My neighborhood has gotten increasingly noisy in the past few years, so the “rolling” sound is muffled just a little. Nothing is as bad as the big military helicopters they allow to fly low, literally shaking the windows in their frames. (Not part of any event, just something that happens.) LOL, once I was driving in my car, reached the top of a hill and found myself seemingly nose -to-nose with one of those helicopters. I ran halfway off the road! I made eye contact with the pilot, it was so close. LOL, now that was a weird feeling! Have a no-complaints week. Hugs.

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    1. That’s spectacular! I hope the weather stays clear for you. I do think it’s a beautiful thing to do… even if it’s a little hard for me. Knowing the purpose makes it easier to cope with. It is not a thing of aggression, or vanity, or disrespect for others. It gives me goosebumps even in the middle of the difficulty coping. Thanks for taking time from your holiday to visit here. Hugs!

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    1. Hi Christine. It’s always good to see you. Frustratingly, I’ve managed to do very little editing/proofing so far… but that’s typical. Wishing you a lovely holiday weekend as well. Big hugs right back. 🙂


  2. Teagan, the idea of a weekly wrap up is a good one; I feel I know you better after reading it.
    Thank you for using my work in this post. I’d forgotten about that shot of Lulu on the couch
    and ‘A Girlfriend of a Boyfriend of Mine’ is my latest favorite video from the series.

    I chose that song because I love the orchestration and as soon as I heard the lyric, I recognized
    ‘Gay Code’.

    Straight men did not have ‘boyfriends’, not in the early 20th Century.

    I set up a visual narrative in the video to suggest a fairly typical bi-sexual dilemma, at least
    for me. 🙂

    This is how the song was performed at the time.

    In the Eddie Cantor version of the song the Boyfriend was also a cellmate.

    Cantor’s performance is wonderful.

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    1. Hi Rob. I kind of wondered if that was what it was (the code), but I figured the 20s was too straight laced for them to get away with it in songs. On the other hand, there probably weren’t many people that it would have occurred to.
      Thanks for sharing the backstory of your video — and for this one from Eddie Cantor too. Thanks for spending part of your holiday weekend here. Hugs on the wing!

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      1. What I’ve discovered in my research is that people in the 1920’s were more (covertly) open to bisexuality.

        I’m sure it had something to do with the popularity of Freud.

        Freud asserted that people are innately bisexual.

        I’m glad you enjoyed it the Cantor performance.

        I love his cover of the song.

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        1. The 20s is full of surprises (in openness) related to technology, morality, sex, modesty, religious openness… so many things. I guess, since it’s not that long since the Victorian Era, there was a lot of pent up everything waiting to bust loose.

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  3. Love the thoughts, images and the video! I am amazed at the collection of motorcycles and I applaud their effort to honor the MIAs. I sympathize with you greatly about the noise. Ever since the hearing problem I had last year, I am really unable to deal with loud noise, or constant moderate noise. I hope you find some relief.

    Enjoy the weekend (as best you can) – thanks for the smiles here.

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    1. Thanks so much, Dan. I’m glad you took a moment from your holiday to visit here.
      I started getting sensitive to noise in my 30s … and it steadily got worse. Nearly a decade of unremitting stress (and repeatedly failing to get a better situation) caused a lifelong tenancy to be slightly agoraphobic to become a mostly debilitating obstacle, which makes prolonged noise even harder.
      The noise of Rolling Thunder gradually gathering is intermittent, and despite the volume I can tell that it’s “distant” (not in the same building or across the street). Both those things help. But knowing that it’s actually a cool thing helps me deal with it.
      Your post today really is terrific. Hugs on the wing… or on the roll of thunder. 🙂

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  4. haha! The saying about the mite (might) is one I’ve heard all my life! So funny, and I think it every time I say I ‘might’ do something. … I did read Teri’s book, Sarah, and it is one of the best horror YA novel’s I’ve ever read. Thanks for featuring it here. … Have a great weekend! Wonderful showing of honor for Memorial Day, that those motorcyclists do. 🙂

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  5. Teagan – heaps of thanks for the shout-out about Sarah! Hope you enjoyed her wicked ways. Have a great weekend, my friend – hope that’s possible with all the rumbling and vibrating. Hugs!

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    1. Hi Teri. It’s my pleasure to feature your book.
      LOL that first year (long ago now) it was actually frightening. I couldn’t figure out what was making the deep sounds. It would start, sometimes intensify, then stop, yet at random seeming intervals begin again. When I found what it was, it was a big “Duh!” moment. 😀
      I hope you and yours have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Hugs right back!

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  6. Enjoyed the train visit! Seems to me there was a Bijou Theater in Knoxville when I was growing up! I believe there was a ‘Strand’ Theater and a ‘Bijou’, but I could be confusing the ‘Strand’ with the theater in Maryville, TN (where I lived at the time). Happy Memorial Day, dear Teagan! Hugs! ♥

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    1. Hi Billy Ray. It’s great to see you. Thanks for spending part of your holiday weekend here. I’m delighted you enjoyed being on the train! Wishing you and yours a happy Memorial Day too. Hugs right back.


        1. Viv, I try to brace myself for noise on holidays. (I’m terribly sensitive to it.) This is what I’ve been listening too all weekend, the rumble as Rolling Thunder gathers. But it’s pretty cool just the same. Happy holiday weekend to you too!


    1. Thank you kindly, Mary. I only managed to get 20 minutes to work on it yesterday… 😦 Frustrating to be so slow. I cringe to think that when I made a “trailer” video for it, saying it was “Coming soon”… it was 2015! And I had already been working on the book for years… Sigh.
      Happy weekend. I’m dealing with the rumble from the gradual gathering for Rolling Thunder. If a significant number of them take the route (that passes by me 1/4 mile away) it literally shakes the house. But it’s pretty awesome just the same. Hugs.

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    1. Hi Olga. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. It looks like nice weather for the long weekend. Some rain, but not a wash out. Now if I can survive all the noise. 🙂 Hugs!


    1. Hi Gary, it’s good to see you. I hope you will enjoy “Atonement, Tennessee.” Like all of my stories, it has a strong element of whimsy. No extremes, it’s just meant to be fun. Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday weekend. Hugs.

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