Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 16 — Glitter and Glare

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Thistledown.  Back in episode 11, artist Janet Weight Reed, graciously let me use some of her beautiful work.  You see, some of her magical hummingbirds have made their way to Thistledown.  The hummers stuck around. 

We left the story with a shift in the narrator’s point of view.  I should probably call these post-hiatus episodes “Act 2” because of the change in point of view.  Anyhow, Bedlam, River, and Rhymer are still “off screen” so to speak, and presumably in trouble.  We’ll get back to them, but today’s episode continues with Bob the hummingbird telling this faery tale. 

From Episode 15…

“I thought the girls would be in here, studying away,” Willow Rainbow murmured in a concerned tone.

“Based on these half-eaten cookies, I think they must have left abruptly,” Luminous Twinkle added.

Then Bob saw it.  The periwinkle muskox hair dangled like a book mark from an ancient tome.  Bob recognized the volume.  The faeries all saw it too.  They made a collective gasp.

The Etheraris Spiregris!

Now, Episode 16…


Midsummer Bedlam 16

Glitter and Glare


Bob the hummingbird wasn’t sure what the crochet circle meant to do to find Bedlam Thunder and her two friends.  The group was crocheting frantically at a long, thick something made from the blue muskox hair yarn.  It didn’t look like good nesting material, so Bob didn’t think much about the product of their effort.

However, the tiny bird felt sure the real situation involved more than the three faery girls.  So, he flew away and returned to the one he knew could best help him.

“Bob, your iridescent orange feathers brighten any room.  I’m happy to see you, but I’m a little surprised,” said Valley Hummer.  “I thought you were staying to look after Bedlam Thunder.  I really do believe she needs your help.”

The hummingbird bobbed erratically until Valley’s unique faery affinity with hummingbirds finally let her understand why he was upset.

“I think I know what the crochet circle has in mind,” Valley murmured.

Bob paused to hover in midair for a moment.  He had already forgotten about the faeries and their yarn.  He had returned to Valley Hummer because he believed she could make everything right.  Hummingbirds being a tad flighty, he had been distracted.  Again.

All the hummingbirds of Thistledown had flocked to Valley Hummer’s home.  They were innately attracted to her energy, and her strong emotion had drawn them from far and wide.  Brilliant plumage streaked and zipped through the air.  The tiny birds flew in agitated chaos.  However, as Valley’s mind settled on her course of action, the flight of the hummingbirds took on an intricate but orderly pattern.

“My heart wants to save those poor girls.  They didn’t mean any harm.  But the crochet circle is working on to help the girls…  And the greater good is Thistledown,” Valley said in a resigned voice.  “So that’s where we must focus, Bob.  This trouble was buried long ago and it reaches farther than anyone ever imagined.”

Valley’s orange wings vibrated with intensity.  She held a small wand made of fire opal and waved her arms.  Shimmering sparks of yellow and purple, shot heavenward.  The flock of hummers altered their movements.  As they flew, the birds seemed to collect the colorful sparks and wove them into a new pattern.  Valley made graceful motions with her wand, conducting the movement of the hummers and sparks. 

The brightly colored sparks coalesced into a vast iridescent sphere.  Valley made tapping motions with the fire opal wand.  Her wings beat to the same rhythm.  As she tapped, the sphere lowered to the ground.

Bob darted back, frightened when the sphere burst into flames.

“I’m not sure who we’re inviting, Bob.  They tried to let everyone at the bonfire think it was part of an illusion, but I recognized that strange woman who sat astride the fierce seeming vehicle that was propelled from the bonfire.  It was not an intended part of the entertainment of that night,” Valley seemed to speak as much to herself as to Bob.  (See that episode here.)

A round hole parted the center of the huge sphere.  A loud thing that roared like a lion burst from the opening.  It was much like the noisy thing that came through the bonfire.  It looked like a doubled version of a unicycle with a seat connecting the two wheels.  The rumbling sound came from the machine.  It sailed past Valley and Bob.  Then it skidded to a stop and turned on its back wheel as if it meant to challenge them.

The rider faced them, but the visor of the helmet concealed the person’s identity.  Bob heard a snort come from the thing.

Fires Bi-Colored jacob-kiesow-349451

Then three other similar creatures erupted from the blazing sphere.  The flock of hummingbirds flew higher into the sky, out of reach from the events on the ground, but still close enough to watch what happened.

Bob did not dart away with the other hummingbirds.  However, he flew to Valley’s shoulder and hid in her hair.  He peeped out cautiously.

All the riders wore dark leather, but it was offset by touches of bright pink, purple, or bright green on their boots, gloves, or helmets.  Their clothes were closely tailored.  One stranger appeared to be male while the other three were female.  Finally, the first stranger spoke.

“Ha!  I guess you can’t see me with my helmet and visor, huh?” a female voice chuckled in a self-deprecatory way.

She took off her glittering pink helmet.  With a shake of her head, long shimmering purple hair cascaded down.  Her face held a combination of humor, anger, and fear.  Bob thought that was a very treacherous combination.  It was dangerous in the way that confronting a wounded animal could be risky.  It didn’t matter that the animal was good or bad, its fear could make it dangerous.

Several chipmunks scampered up to the purple-haired stranger.  The little creatures seemed to think they knew her, but then they abruptly fled.  She turned her gaze from the chipmunks up to the festive looking sparks that lingered in the air after the sphere was formed.  Then she drew a breath that seemed to steady her nerves.  She turned a level stare to Valley Hummer.

“Looking around, I would think you’ve invited us to a party,” she told Valley.  “But it felt like we had no choice but to accept the invitation.  In fact, it seemed a lot like a summons.”

“I’m sorry,” Valley spoke.  “I had no intention for it to be such.  The situation is urgent, and my casting must have gotten away from me.”

Dah-le!  Ya think?” the purple haired woman snorted in a sarcastic tone.

A lopsided smile softened her sardonic words. 

“I’m Glare Phantasm.  Do you mind telling us who you are, where we are, and why you’ve pulled us out of our home and brought us… wherever this is?”

The End


 This Week’s Faery Namers

I’m sure you already realized that Valley Hummer is named in honor of Janet.  Although you might be wondering who the mysterious “scary faery” might be.  Click the links to reveal the identity of the namer.

Valley Hummer

Glare Phantasm


Special Note

Thanks again to artist Janet Weight Reed for the use of her wonderful art.  The post in the following link shows a beautiful collection of Janet’s hummingbirds click here.  If you want some of your very own, click here for her Zazzle store.

I hope to see you again next time.

Hugs on the wing! 



Copyright © 2017 by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene 

All rights reserved. 

This is a work of fiction.  Characters, names, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. 

No part of this work may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.  Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights.

All images are either the property of the author or provided by free sources, unless stated otherwise.


82 thoughts on “Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 16 — Glitter and Glare

        • She seems to be okay. New med system. Vet took away her trans-dermal prednizone and put her on horrible prescription food (smells like cooked cardboard), that she doesn’t like. And monthly shots of a different steroid (rather than the trans-dermal). I’m hoping the food will solve the problem, because the shots have such bad side effects — not to mention the expense of monthly vet visits…

          Don’t feel you need to read everything, Suzanne. I started a new Jazz Age Wednesday series last week, so there are 2 posts of that. Collaborating with Art by Rob Goldstein. Having fun with that. More hugs.

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  1. I’m loving the story from Bob’s point of view, Teagan. He has a very exciting part of the story and I love the descriptions you give of him, especially peering out from Valley’s hair. He may not have a speaking part, but he’s a huge asset to the story.
    New Year hugs to you and Crystal, Tegan, ✨

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    • It’s a delight to see you, Hugh. I’m happy to know that Bob is doing well in the storytelling. I admit it’s a worry to me, when I change point of view, no matter which character. Thanks for being her for Act 2 of Thistledown. Happy New Year to you and yours as well. Hugs on the wing!

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    • Wow, Diana — thank you for saying that. Yes, I do plan to “bookize” all the serials I’ve done here on this blog — as time permits. Although, I confess I’ve had my doubts about this one… then I get marvelous feedback like your comment. I guess it’s just that the mindset I have to step into for this story is a departure for me — so it hasn’t resonated with me to the same extent that the 1920s serials, or “Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers” all did. I’m always delightedly surprised when anyone truly enjoys it. 🙂 ❤ I sincerely appreciate your visit. Hugs on the wing!

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  3. So sorry I’m late, dear Teagan, of course WordPress didn’t send me anything, as always and darn it, I forgot to check and I should have because as always, your post brightened my day!!! So I’ll flutter around and share this (I’ll “tweet tweet” it too) so others can find you (with no help at all from WordPress), because they really need to find you. 🙂
    Mega floaty flitty flighty fluttery hugs my dearest xoxoxox 🐦🐦🐦

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  4. I am starting to see some pieces of the puzzle start to pull together Teagan! And I must add, Janet’s paintings are phenomenal, and add just the perfect touch to visualize the story. I haven’t a clue how this will all turn out, but it is sure to be spectacular! Hugs my friend! xoxo

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  6. Oh there were so many many things I adored about this episode dearest Teagan.. And I could visualise the pink glitter helmet and cascading purple hair, chipmunks and all..
    The Hummingbirds just a beautiful addition, and I so loved that you shared Janet’s paintings again.. Such a talented artist . What a team you make.

    Loved it dear Teagan.. apologies I have not been around as often as I would have wished.. But my visits when O come to read your amazing Thistledown series brings me such JOY.. Thank you dear friend..
    For you add glitter to my world..

    Love and Blessings dear Teagan. Enjoy your Holiday time… Mega Hugs..
    Sue ❤ 💖🎁💝🎅🥂💗😍

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    • Sue it is such a delight to see you that it more than makes up for it if you miss a post once in a while. Your energy is so strong and so good, that I never feel you are far away. ❤
      I do have fun whenever I introduce one of the "scary faeires."
      It makes me smile that you said you picked up on several different things in this episode. I've begun the painstaking process of starting to pull the threads of the past dozen or so episodes together, for a conclusion. I try to be a little subtle in leaving them AND in picking them back up. So I'm always insecure about doing it well.
      Mega hugs right back, my friend. Wishing you a magical holiday season.

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    • I do too, Olga. Janet is amazing.
      Yes, the “scary faeries” are finally coming into their purpose in the story. I’m gradually pulling all the threads of the first dozen episodes together.
      I hope Barcelona is lovely. Hugs on the wing!


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