Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 14 — The Etheraris Spiregris

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Welcome all.  At last we are back in Thistledown!  It thrills my heart that this serial was warmly embraced by so many.  

Writing Process

With that in mind, I should probably keep this to myself, but because of several… “non writing” or maybe “personal issues” — I can’t find the right words, but I just haven’t been able to enjoy writing it as much as I have the other serials.  However, now that National Novel Writing Month is over, I am here to finish this faery tale. Even so, it will take several more episodes.

I feel this part of the story could stand alone, without the previous episodes. 

Yet, it has been about six weeks since we were in Thistledown… so here are some blurbs to remind you.  If you need more, click on the left-pointing arrow at the bottom of the post. The previous post has a link to every episode.

Featured Image -- 21891

Previously in Thistledown…

Episode 12

“Bedlam, you never mention anything from when you were small.  I don’t think you remember that part of your life.  Haven’t you ever wondered why you don’t remember anything from when you were very small?” River asked……

River Mindshadow gazed at me doubtfully.  I remembered Lavender Cozy, the healer, saying that my friend would be able to “follow the shadows within the mind.”

“Then Fallow Blackmoon came here, and told you that she was a seer.  And she has no double here!…..  Fleur let me look through the images at the Trumpet office, but I didn’t find anything that looked like the strange seer.  I want to know if people have ever disappeared from Thistledown.”

With a gasp I told my friend, “Field Yewwasp said she looked familiar!  Do you think Fallow Blackmoon actually came from Thistledown, yet somehow became part of the colorless faery-verse?”…..

Fleur Thistle came upon Bedlam and River as they speculated.  “That’s too magical of a message to be ignored.  Besides, a hummingbird brought it to you!  You have to listen to it.  I’ll dig up the Trumpet archives.

While Fleur was digging through the newspaper archives,  River and Bedlam ran into Rhymer Rainbow and her aunt Willow.

Episode 13

“Rhymer once told me that her aunt has a ton of spell books,” River suggested with an eager flutter of her wings.  

And indeed Willow Rainbow had spell books aplenty — and cookies.  She helpfully said, “But I’ll have to leave you on your own.  My crochet circle is meeting, or I’d be glad to delve into the books with you.  You girls take some cookies and help yourselves to the books.  Rhymer will you show them to the library?”

Here begins Act 2.  Now… Episode 14. 


Midsummer Bedlam

Act 2, Episode 14

Old books Annie Spratt unsplash

Annie Spratt, Unsplash

The Etheraris Spiregris

“Oh, just one thing.  Use any of the books you please,” Willow Rainbow had told us.  “But not the Etheraris Spiregris.  It’s far too dangerous.  I really should get rid of it, but it seems so wrong to do away with any book!” she added.

Then Willow left River, Rhymer, and me alone with her marvelous collection of books, including the Etheraris Spiregris.

Well, of course we went straight to the forbidden book.  You knew that was coming!

River Mindshadow glanced from me to Rhymer Rainbow.  I knew she must wonder how Rhymer would feel about disobeying her aunt Willow.  However, Rhymer was the first to touch the forbidden book.

“Please!  Aunt is such a tease.  Nothing else she could have told would have made us so bold,” Rhymer said as with both hands she tilted up the large volume.

“Bedlam, do you think maybe that magic periwinkle colored muskox hair will point to the right spell?” River asked as she fluttered to Rhymer’s side and carefully turned the ancient pages of the book.

Blustering_March_MT Ross 1914

Blustering March, MT Ross 1914

As I moved nearer the book the muskox hair once again started to sizzle and point.  While Rhymer held the book tilted so we all could see, River continued to slowly turn its pages.  She slowed her hand when the hair seemed to pause at one page.

Rain of the Arcane?  That’s a good name,” Rhymer commented in typical rhyming fashion.

However, the hair drew away from the book.  River turned to the next page and the hair sparked, giving me yet another shock.

“Do you think this is the one?” River asked excitedly.  “A Perversion of Phantoms,” she read aloud the title at the top of the timeworn page. 

At River’s words the long muskox hair fell limp against the page.  My hand dropped, resting against the page as Rhymer and I echoed River in stating the name of the spell.  All three of us were touching the pages of the incantation as we spoke.

“The name of the spell reminds me of how we were talking about learning whether people had disappeared from Thistledown.  Missing faeries being like phantoms,” River continued.

The three of us exchanged a look.  It was spontaneous, a coincidence.  We didn’t mean to speak in chorus but as one we gasped.

“A Perversion of Phantoms!”

Abruptly the heavy volume snapped shut.  The periwinkle muskox hair was still within, like a bookmark.  The room spun wildly.  It was like looking into a kaleidoscope.  

Then the world shattered. 

The farmhouse floor beneath my feet seemed to heave and twist.  I winced as my wing, still only partially healed, reflexively unfurled to keep my balance.  Quickly I moved my hands away from the book and caught the hands of River and Rhymer.

The End


A Special Note

Months ago, when all the faery naming fun began, River Mindshadow was named in honor of Olga Núñez Miret.  She has just released a new inspirational book.  It’s in both English and Spanish, on one volume!  Click over and check it out. 

Thanks for flying in to visit.  I hope to see you next time when we’ll see where the girls landed after the Etheraris Spiregris snapped shut.


This Week’s Faery Namers

Click the links to reveal the identity of the namer.

Rhymer Rainbow

Willow Rainbow

River Mindshadow

Hugs on the wing!



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  3. So pleased it’s back, Teagan. I may be late, but it was worth the wait. I had a strange feeling that they were not going to take any notice of Willow Rainbow’s words. The kaleidoscope effect sounds lovely, but I think it’s going to lead to a dark place.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs to you.

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    • Hi Hugh, it’s great to see you. Like I always say, there is no such thing as “late” at Teagan’s Books. I’m happy to see you any time you have a moment. 😀
      I suspect you might be right about that dark place for Bedlam and friends…
      Thanks for visiting. Hugs on the wing!

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I think that like me, many of you have missed our weekly dose of Thistledown from Teagan Geneviene.. Teagan did have a great excuse as she was taking part in the November writing frenzy.. but she is back and Bedlam and two of her friends are about to do something they were specifically told not to… what could go wrong?

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    • It’s always such a pleasure to see you, Kirt. Thank you for this comment and feedback. When I shifted away from Bedlam’s point of view, I was concerned that it might seem bumpy.
      It was great to take several days off at Thanksgiving. But now I’m back to hanging in there with the job. LOL, or maybe hanging by a thread. Ha! I guess that’s where the periwinkle muskox hair that Bedlam is presumably hanging from came from! Hugs on the wing.

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  6. I landed back from my hols just in time to catch another enthralling episode Teagan,, and I could see the room spin as that book closed and I wonder where they will emerge 🙂 Brilliant as ever dear friend.. And I wish you well in ALL you write Teagan,, I admire what you do, greatly..
    Love and HUGS my friend.. And Wishing you a Wonderful Peaceful Sunday xxx ❤

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  7. Hi Teagan. It’s good to finally get here with a mug of coffee, a sleepy dog and enough time to enjoy. I love how you picked up and brought us right back into the story. I also enjoyed “hearing” your thoughts on the process of writing and your mood toward it. I imagine that a month off while working on other things must be hard to process.

    I knew they were heading into that book, but I didn’t know what to expect. I still don’t, but my interest has been piqued.

    I hope the end of your weekend is good and that you have a good week ahead.

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    • Hi Dan, it’s good to see your smiling face here, and Maddie too. (LOL, well, you know what I mean. The picture you just painted makes me think you’re smiling.) Thank you so much for this feedback. Maybe I presented this post in a better way than I feared.

      And yes, I’ve felt more of a chore in writing this series… things like the stuff about “hamsters” and the vitriol on Facebook from people I *thought* were enlightened. There were so many things that, well… just didn’t add to the joy of writing.
      Wishing you a great new week as well. I’ll do my best, but meanwhile my real job is even more frustrating than ever… people who say they’ll fix things, who are only working for their own agenda and making things worse for me instead of better. Same old thing really.
      I need some energy (not sleeping much), maybe I’ll treat myself to a second cup of coffee. Maybe even coffee with some cocoa and whipped cream… 😀
      Hugs on the wing!

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    • Aw, thank you Kathryn. After finding my detailed plot had recently been a movie I never got on track to make as good of a draft as I hoped. But it was still fun to write about the characters, and a new setting.
      I’m happy to know you enjoyed this post. Take good care of you. Hugs on the wing!


  8. Teagan, love that I’m reminded of Willow Rainbow, her library, cookies, dangerous, tantalizing spell book & A Perversion of Phantoms spell. That’s perfect! Willow could be a new colorful Muse to join my Charlotte the librarian type. She stretches the writing mind somewhat like the carefree faery in Blustering March 1914. Imagine handful of flowers & smiling sun at your feet the focus, with sideline help…some sort of dark (smiling) winged image so taken by the faery’s flowers & beauty offering that he puff puffs the gray lined clouds away. Simply a growing mindset to go forward and “enjoy” writing again! Think about you! Hope Crystal continues to flourish in the sun! Happy Weekend. Good Willow faery Muse thoughts! 🤗 Christine

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  9. Good to have you back, well, sort of, not like you were away, but “Thistledown” was…but as always you got us hooked on a feeling, we’re high on believing we’re in love with your blog! Thanks for the Saturday gift, I’ll cherish it always. 🙂
    How delightful, Olga is so lovely, she shines brightly. 🙂
    Hope Crystal is enjoying the weekend, dreaming of chasing and eating and sleeping and all the wonder within a cat’s purr-fect brain.
    All the best, dear Teagan, I know you’ll find your way back to the wonder of writing, it’s still there, just waiting to be released (I keep telling myself the same thing).
    Massive books and butterflies and better days ahead hugs xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Donna, thank you. You always have words of encouragement that are pure magic to the ear… and yet I know you have challenges of your own. Wishing you all the good energies that allow the words that wait in your heart and mind to flow wild and free onto the computer screen. Have a wonder-filled, hug-filled weekend, my friend. ❤


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  13. What a great episode, Teagan! Anything taking place in a library and involving books must be a thrill. And thanks so much for featuring my little book. Much of the inspiration for finally publishing it has come from my conversations with blogger friends. Take lots of care and I can’t wait for the next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mihran, you are so kind. Your comments are a melody in themselves. 🙂 I’ll dust off my piano and make it a duet. (Although my efforts there are untrained and amateurish, so I’ll have to pretend I’m even halfway skilled enough to play in such a duet.) Love your music. Hugs.


  14. Good morning dear Teagan…..This is such a wonderful story filled with your amazing creativity and magic. I think people will enjoy these tales for many years to come….young and old. Olga’s books are also superb, and I love the ‘Blustering March’ illustration….it fits so well with your writing. Sending hummingbird hugs to you and Crystal and hope you both enjoy a lovely weekend. Janet 🙂 xx

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