Monday Interview with Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

To my delighted astonishment, three bloggers have asked to interview me – all within a short time. It was quite humbling. So I had the idea to re-blog some recent author interviews that have been done on readers of Teagan’s Books. Here’s a lovely one Siobhan Daiko did with Mary J. McCoy-Dressel. Enjoy!

Siobhan Daiko

Mary and I met online over a year ago and we follow each other on WordPress.

Mary J

I love reading Mary’s blog, especially her Sexy Saturday posts, and I’ve just bought her emotional and compelling, contemporary Western romance Howdy Ma’am for my Kindle.


Welcome to Douglas Bland Artist’s studio in Italy, Mary. So glad you can join me in an aperitivo. What can I offer you? A glass of Prosecco? A spritzer? A Bellini? Or perhaps some Pinot Grigio or Bardolino?

Hi, Siobhan! Thank you for inviting me to your very special place on the web. I’d love a Bellini as I sit here and absorb the lovely Italian culture with you. Mmm, it sounds so delicious and refreshing.

Ooh, think I’ll have one too. (Pours two glasses of Prosecco and adds peach juice). Cheers!


Okay, darlin’, make yourself comfortable! I’m over the moon you’ve been able to join me and…

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