Guest Author: Lord David Prosser and his chronicles.

I had the idea to re-blog some recent author interviews that have been done on readers of Teagan’s Books. Here’s a lovely one Olga Núñez Miret did with earlier this summer with Lord David Prosser. To my delighted astonishment, three bloggers have asked to interview me – all within a short time. It was quite humbling. So I wanted to “pay it forward.” Enjoy!

Just Olga

Hi all:

As you know Fridays are guest author days and recently I have been bringing you the work of some bloggers I’m very fond of but who’ve never come as authors to share their books here yet, and today I have a treat. A “real” Lord. Lord David Prosser.

Lord David Prosser Lord David Prosser

David Prosser was born in 1951 and worked for many years as a Local Government Officer before taking early retirement due to health problems.
Finding it difficult to talk to people as a result of the illness he found himself in the situation of being housebound most of the time.In an effort to prove to himself he still had a value he started The Buthidars which is an all denomination, all colour,all creed group determined to better the world by Hugging.There is a site dedicated to this that welcomes all people who feel the World…

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18 thoughts on “Guest Author: Lord David Prosser and his chronicles.

  1. Did you hear that David? I told you everyone loves you.
    Suzanne, I really appreciate you taking so much time for my blog today. David’s diary posts always entertain me with his humorous take on everyday life.

    Dear Readers — Please visit Suzanne’s delicious food blog. AND she is a fabulous real estate agent if you are in New York — particularly Brooklyn.

    Sunshine-super hugs all!


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