Internet Hug!

Wonderful Team Member Reader AwardIt’s Internet Hug time again!  (Another thanks to Deb Paulson for that term.)  I was surprised to receive the “Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award” from Lord David Prosser of The Barsetshire Diaries.  This Internet hug came from all the way across the pond – proof of the power of hugs.  David’s blog is a delightful account of the adventures that exist in day-to-day life if you open your eyes to find them.  He’s also very generous in promoting the books of others.  You’ll also find information about his published books.

Don’t worry; this award is different and easy.  I don’t have to answer a bunch of questions.  I am supposed to nominate others – so I’m going to do that as a welcome to the most recent followers of Teagan’s Books!  So please join me in welcoming:

All of you are now recipients of the “Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award.”

A great big Internet hug to everyone, those who are new to Teagan’s Books, and especially to those who have been following and encouraging me as I continue this grand experiment in indie publishing.


10 thoughts on “Internet Hug!

  1. I have been so hopeless at keeping up on WordPress the last few weeks. I stopped by to read your latest serial, when I scrolled down a bit further and saw this post! Thank you ever so much, Teagan. Your blog is always such a great read. And now I have 7 more to check out!


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